The Jewish Return to Kiryat Arba-Hebron

In 1968 a struggle began to established Jewish settlement in the Hebron area. It was on erev Rosh Hashana 1971 that their struggle gave birth to success when they moved into their new community in Kiryat Arba. 50 years have passed and now is your chance to witness the success that occurred with the help of Hashem. Hear the story from the one who was there at the beginning, Harav Eliezer Waldman

Rav Waldman4


Har Bracha

Located on Har Gerizim, 60 kilometres north of Jerusalem


Oz veGaon

Jewish Life Blossoms in Oz veGaon in Gush Etzion

oz veGaon


Tz’fat …The Holy Mystical City

Take a Journey into the Mystical City. You will come out a new person




 In the Video Below, Daniella Weiss Gives a Historic Message of the re-birth of Jewish Life in Shomron

Daniella Wiss Video


    Daniella Weiss speaks in Toronto at a special event commemorating 40 years of Jewish re-settlement post Yom Kippur War. Daniella was awarded a 5oz solid silver coin commemorating her 40 years of service to the Jewish people in re-establish a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria.

Daniella 40 years

Below is a photo of the 5oz solid silver coin. Image of Rabbi Mosh Levinger and Hanan Porat 40 years ago when the people received Israeli government permission in Shomron to establish a new settlement. Coin produced by Shalom Coins.

Daniella Coin

The Event, “Palestine…The Jewish Homeland” is a Jewish response to the international initiative to create an Arab state called “Palestine” in the heartland of Israel. The first Jewish settlement community through the efforts of the Gush Emunim settlement movement resulted in their first settlement in the spring of 1975

Forty Years for Kedumim 

Raphaella Segal the assistant Mayor of Kedumim speaks from Kedumim to supporters of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. 

Raphaella in Kedumim

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