A new era has arrived in the production of 99.99 % Pure Solid Silver Medallion Coins. Applying a technology not use before in this field of endeavour. Now its is possible to etch with a diamond needle photo graphic quality images on precious medals.  Only in recent months it has become possible to produce the coins in the incredible size of 10 oz of Pure Silver. All coins can be plated in 24 K Gold.   thejewishheritageproject@gmail.com



The next four coins are the Jewish redemption series which follows the process of modern day redemption which will lead to the coming Jewish fulfilment in their land. A process that can never be reversed.


   This Coin is Commemorating 50 Years (1967-2017) Since G-d returned  the Jewish People to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria after 2000 years of Prayer for this land. The heartland of the Jewish people and  sacred to the Jewish identity. The Jerusalem side of this coin  showcases the walls of the Old City and  marked out and written in Hebrew is Har HaBayt. (Temple Mount) Over top is the Beautiful Menorah symbolising the Light of G-d that shines out of Jerusalem and the Jewish Mission to be a Light to the Nations. 

Glick Coin1

Below is The Judea and Samaria side of this coin with the Lion symbolising the Kingship of G-d and The Royal Tribe of Yehuda. The scepter extends from Judea into Samaria symbolising the reunification of the Jewish people into one nation as G-d promised in the prophets to take the Rod Yehudah and The Rod of Yoseph for Israel and make them one in the hands of Hashem. 

Glick Coin 2



This side of the Coin (the image here is the graphic design) is commemorating the 100 years ( 1917-2017) since the liberation of The land of Israel from over 700  years of Islamic domination. The photo shows an unprecedented image of that day 100 years ago. Free Jewish women praying at the Kotel (western wall). The ultimate sign of liberation from Islam.


 Below is the other side of this coin showing a mandate map with boarders presented by the World Zionist Organisation in 1919 as boarders for a Jewish State.  The land according to Jewish scripture is all destined  to part of the great Jewish Hebrew Nation which is raising before our eyes. Looking toward the final redemption of the Jewish Homeland.

Mandate map



The 70 Year Medallion 

This side of the Coin (Graphic design shown) is commemorating the 70 Years (1947-2017) since the United Nations approve a Jewish State. The 2,00o year Jewish struggle to re-establish them on their ancient homeland  was finally being realised. The greatest symbol at that time was the Ship Exodus coming in 1947 from Europe with 4,000 Jewish homeless refugees, who had no families and were destitute. As the ship arrived they were confronted and rammed by British wars ships attempting to stop them. Indeed over 100 were murdered by the British on that ship as they boarded the ship. The crying people were sent back to camps in Europe. Only later because of international outrage and the coming state were they permitted to return.

Exodus 1947


This side of the Coin (Graphic design shown) looks to Israel as a nation about to give birth. As the prophets have said. Indeed the image reveals a land that appears to be a woman ready to  give birth. This will all be Jewish land and among the eternal Heritage as promised in the covenant G-d made with Avraham.




The 120 Year Medallion

This Coin (graphic design shown) commemorates the 120 yeas (1897-2017) since the first Zionist Congress in Basil Switzerland as established by Theodor Herzl. The image is at the first Zionist congress where the initiative to create a new modern day Jewish Homeland began and indeed …it succeeded. The reverse side can contain either of the two shown maps above of the greater Israel

Jan 20, Herzel


40 Years Medallion 

 This coin (graphic design shown) is from a photo of the people holding Rav Hanan Porat and Rav Moshe Levinger being held on the shoulders of the people up in Sabastia in Shomron. They had just received word from the government in 1975 that they could establish a Jewish settlement in Shomron. The flip side is an image of the Lone Tree of Kfar Etzion. It was a living witness of the massacre of the Jewish people in the four Kibbutzim in Gush Etzion on may 13 1948. Here was the location of the re-establishment of the settlement movement in earnest, post 1973 war.


 Daniella Weiss is holding the coin. She was there 40 years ago when this all took place. 




Ma’arart HaMachpella Medallion

The coin below (graphic design shown) commemorates the re-establishment of Kiryat Arab in 1971 by Rabbi Moshe Levinger whose image is on the coin. On the reverse side is Ma’arat HaMachpella (Tomb of The Patriarchs) in Hebron. Hebron is part of the modern day municipality of Kiryat Arba. This is the re-establishment of the ancient city  lived in by our father Avraham who purchased the land of Machpella to bury his wife Sarah.

Hebron Levinger-2








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