Jerusalem The Eternal Capital of the Jewish People

 The Jewish Return to Kfar HaShiloach

In the centre of east Jerusalem in an area known as Silwan or Shiloach in Hebrew, is the rebirth of Jewish life that had once come to an end under the British in the late 1930’s. It was the Yemenite village of Kfar Hateimanim established in 1882. Ateret Cohanim lead by Daniel Luria has worked to help this endeavour become a reality.

kfar haShiloach

Walking On The Temple Mount

It is now your chance to tour on the Temple Mount. (The Har HaBayit) In this video you will visit the most sacred land in the universe.


MK Yehudah Glick on Holy Jerusalem


HaKotel HaKatan

  In this video Arieh King will visit the of holiest location of the Kotel. The HaKotael HaKatan, (The Small kotel) is not known by most Jews. Its location is deep in the Arab occupied part of the Muslim quarter in the Old City…Jerusalem.  Some others that do know about it are afraid to visit.  It is time for every Jew get to know more about our Eternal Capital


Restoration of the  Ohel Yitzchak Synagogue

In this video Arieh King the  founder of the “Israel Land Fund” explains about the restoration of this synagogue and also how the Israel Land Fund can help facilitate the purchase of property in the Muslim quarter of the Old City – Jerusalem. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

In The Old City Jerusalem With Arieh King 

Arieh King, Founder of the Israel Land Fund will take you into the Muslim quarter of the Old City – Jerusalem. It is essential that every Jew learn about every square inch of their land.

Six Days War Documentary.  50 Years

Jerusalem Reunited With its People