(TAMCAPP)   The Compassionate Solution.

   It has become apparent with all the stabbing and recent terror attacks that there must be a separation between the Jews and the Children of Ishmael. The Sages say the things that happened to our fathers is a signpost to their children in the future. Abraham as a Jew so beloved to us was willing to let Ishmael remain in the house and Land. Just like some good Jews today. However Sarah his wife after seeing Ishmael mocking Issac said that the boy must go and will not inherit with her son. Indeed G-d backed her and told Abraham to do what she said. This set the example for us today and is the only answer to bring peace. According to Torah the children of Ishmael need to leave in a compassionate way. In this Video the case is made why they need to go and the best way is the peaceful way. This may never happen but it should be offered as the only peaceful solution. This is the Torah Solution.    Please Share!  

“The Arab Migration Compensation And Peace Plan”  VIDEO

Understand TAMCAPP in this special Artutz Sheva Radio Interview 

Click Link to hear interview>>>


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